Thursday, May 15, 2008

Christine talks about Beyond Ex-Gay on the Radio

Christine Bakke, co-founder of Beyond Ex-Gay will appear as a guest of Blogtalk Live on-line radio program.
This week on 'Talk Back Live' we will be discussing 'The Ex-Gay Myth', our special guest will be Christine Bakke from Beyond Ex-Gay. We will be discussing the half truths that come out of the ex-gay world, including those who have survived the false claims of Ex-gay Ministries. I will also share my story, of how I got involved in the Ex-Gay world, and how it was Ex-Gay people like D.L. Foster and Charlene Cothran that really showed me, that this whole ex-gay thing was false.

The fun gets started on May 17th, at 8pm EST. As always feel free to call in and join in on the conversation.
You can listen live here (and the show will also be archived)

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At 7:52 PM , Blogger Peter Varvel said...

I just saw the Advocate article!
Congratulations--and THANK YOU--to both you and Christine on such high profile publicity!


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